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We provide a KYND Wellness platform for organisation of all sizes and their employees to engage in wellness.



Much is talked about Wellness, what it means and why it is a good thing. But how do we measure wellness? At KYND we have developed a scientific approach to wellness....

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So you are investing money and time in wellness programs, or want to? How do you know if they are working? Have you got a baseline Wellness Score for your company....

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What sets us apart is our attempt to measure your “wellness” so that you can take control of your own health. Thousands of products, courses, self help books, gurus,etc profess to have the answers to your wellness but how do you know they work....

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KYND Wellness

We are a team of Doctors, Psychologists and Designers, committed to giving people access to their own wellness data, so they can make informed choices and track their wellness journey....

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KYND has an app you can upload where you can Know Your Personal Health Numbers in a simple dashboard. There are 3 different components to Wellness, KYND Body, KYND Mind and KYND Life. Now you can measure it, track it and improve it.

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    We have been workplace testing for pre diabetes, Lipids and Blood pressure

    Only 28% of 450 people tested have normal HBA1C, Blood pressure and Lipids. What are your numbers, what’s your risk?



    New phone app

    you can upload a picture of your skin lesion and get a dermatologist opinion

What our client's say

Getting my KYND executive medical was reassuring but gave me some definite areas to work on.

Kevin Weston
CEO of Executive Travel

The Healthy Thinking® program not only helped to create a more productive workplace it gave our people real tools to improve the quality of their private lives.

Grant Simpson
CEO, ACE Insurance

Dr Tom has got a great message which he presents in a humorous way. How do we change things? By changing our attitudes. He provides great examples of what and how.

Sir Ralph Norris
CEO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia